what's dead is dead.

um trigger warning i might post about cutting depression and suicide whoops lmao i won't post pictures though so you don't have to worry about seeing bloody cut up wrists on your dash ya.
http://mentallydatingfrankiero.tumblr.com is my main/band blog woo

Jun 13

whoops relapse lmao

Jun 12

I still have my razor I guess I could use it laughs

Jun 11

Wow April good job on relapsing

You do realise the cuts on your leg don’t change the fact that you are going to get a horrible report this semester.
Now you’re not just a pathetic lazy failure, you’re a pathetic lazy failure who cuts themself

Apr 21

Feb 16

(via itsmesum)

Feb 14

Fuck I really want to cut myself ugh fuck I just want to scream and cry and punch something I hate this I hate it I hate it all

Feb 13

it’s been six months but i’m so close to breaking, fuck.

Feb 11

i just want to be left alone forever with endless art supplies and an ipod that never runs out of batteries

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